How to bypass your launcher (TS3)/ Crashing, lag & other TS4 issues UPDATED 11/11/14

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Not sure if it was due to the last update through Origin or November’s patch update, but many simmers have said that they could no longer minimize their game when in Full Screen mode. Luckily there is a work around. Thanks to Crinrict for being the first person to post this work around.  You will need to disable Origin in Game to get your game to minimize again. (This will also cause ctrl+prt scr to work again too.)

To disable to Origin in Game for All games in your library, go to:

Origin > Application Settings > Origin in Game > Untick the top box

Origin 1 Origin 2 Origin 3

For Single Game Right click on your game > Game Properties > Check box to disable Origin in Game

Origin 4 Origin 5

You should now be able to minimize your game to desktop from Full Screen mode by pressing the Windows key and you should also be able to do screen shots by using ctrl+prt scr. (This is especially handy when taking screen shots inside CAS)


The Sims 4 does not require a constant online connection to play, however, you will need to have internet connection to download (digital copy) and install (digital and physical +register your physical copy). Once you have the game installed, you can play offline.  Here are some tips as to not having to log into Origin all the time, how to staff offline and not having your game automatically update through Origin.

First when you bring up Origin, log in as you normally would. Before hitting “Log In” there are two boxes below the log in button. Remember Me and Log In as Invisible. Ticking the “Remember Me” box will keep you logged in but when leaving Origin DO NOT LOG OUT, simply just exit out by either using the drop down menu when clicking Origin in the upper left hand corner and clicking “Exit” or clicking on the “X” in the top right corner.

origin login window

In that same drop down menu, towards the bottom is “Go Offline“, clicking on this will let you play the game offline. Under “Application Settings” clicking on this will bring up another window. Click on “General” scroll about half way down til you see “Updates“. Un-tick any checked boxes here and this will keep you game/Origin from automatically updating when logging in or going back online.  I do recommend you at least leave the box for Automatically keep Origin up to date checked.

Origin menu options auto updates




If you are experiencing problems with getting your Sims 4 game to launch or even install, check out Top 9 Fixes for The Sims 4 by Crash Wiki

You may even want to try this: (click on image to enlarge)

launch issues 1

 The Sims 3 Bypassing your Launcher

There may be a time when you may need to bypass your launcher, in order to run your game. Here is a step by step (with pic’s) to show you how to do this.

Step one: Go into the start menu (the windows icon on the bottom of your screen)> click on “computer”> highlight or click on OS(C:) drive> right click and click on OPEN

Step 2: Click on Program Files (mine is Program files x86)> right click to open menu then click OPEN

Step 3: From the displayed folders, click on ‘Electronic Arts’> right click to open menu> click OPEN

Step 4: In your EA folder will be all the ep’s & sp’s (if you have any) + base game. Find the last one you installed. Click on it >right click to open menu> click OPEN

Step 5: In that folder click on ‘GAME’> right click to open menu> click OPEN

Step 6: Now click on BIN> right click> click OPEN

Step 7: Final step and you should be able to launch your game. From the menu, look for TS3E0(?) (the number depends on the last ep/sp you installed), click on it> right click to open menu> click OPEN.

You should now have launched your game. If it didn’t work, you may have not followed the steps correctly. Go back and try again. If you followed the steps correctly and it still didn’t launch, then you need to look elsewhere to solve the problem. I only did this as I was told how to do this by another simmer, and I am passing along the information.

To bypass your launcher on a MAC go to


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