Get To Work expansion update

Spotted this on the official forums. There is an update available for Sims 4: Get To Work expansion pack. What does the update do? I am in the process of finding that out. Whatever this update is for, it doesn’t take but a mere second to update, just wanted to pass this along.

To do the update, log into your Origin account, go to your “My Games” library, hover over your Sims 4 game icon, click on “?” , scroll to GTW expansion pack, hover over the pack  and you should notice the “Update Now” under the announcement for it. See screen shot below.

new gtw update



I knew those talented folks over at NRaas would be able to handle jumping into some pretty big shoes, after Twallan left.  Never did I fear that those mods would be left as is.  With that said, if you have been patiently waiting, as I have, for the release of mods from them, you can check out nraas-Update History Testing 166. This is where you will find all the mods that have been tested and updated, Please heed the warning on top of this page! These are not final!.  If you’ve been on there lurking and waiting and not seeing your particular mod updated? Don’t get frustrated…it’s most likely still being worked on. From what I understand, Traveler, took the hardest hit from this last patch. This one is currently undergoing “surgery” or is in “ICU”.

Until the next time simmers…carry on