Smart Tech Sims, Premium Plans and Top Area’s for The Sims 4

I searched this morning for more news on what’s being said about The Sims 4 and came up with some very interesting reads.

Smart Tech Sims These Sims will be enhanced to give a more realistic expression feature in group conversations along with more detailed customization of your created Sim. More information can be found at SIMs4: What’s Is The New Smart Sim Tech Option All About?

Premium Plans to be introduced into The Sims 4Maxis may be jumping aboard to join the other EA games that already use a subscription to allow players to pay a lump sum to buy DLC. According to Gamer Headlines, there are already multiple DLC’s being planned for The Sims 4, such as: University, Seasons, Magic School, Generations and Time Travel and players can expect between 12 – 16 DLC’s for The Sims 4.  To read more of what Gamer Headlines had to say go here.

Top Area’s fans want to see improved: The SIMs4 also released a post on area’s fans of The Sims franchise want to see improved. Those area’s are: Next Gen Graphic, Campaign in different ages and interactive large maps. To read more of what the fans are wanting to be improved, head to SIMs4: Fans Speculate Top Areas For Improvement

While  news about The Sims 4 is leaking out months after the official announcement at last years Gamescom, Maxis/EA is still keeping players in the dark on a release date. I haven’t hit that Pre-Order button yet to save my copy of The Sims 4, I’m still waiting to see and hear more from Maxis/EA and I’m not the only one sitting back and waiting. There is a whole community of players waiting in the wings for more official details instead of relying on speculations of what we can expect.



News on The Sims 4

I had a thought, wonder what’s being said about The Sims 4? So I Googled The Sims 4. I got several hits but this one struck out to me the most.

The headline: The Sims 4 Release Date – Better AI Promised.  I clicked on it to see what it said. In fact it didn’t give a release date other than the fact we all know it has been pushed back to the fall of 2014. What I did read was interesting though as far as game play goes here is an excerpt from that article

Quote :
There are plenty of exciting features to look forward to in the game including new buildings, character customization options, careers and better AI which will make your neighbors reactive to every action you do. The game play elements will be considerably tweaked so as to provide an engaging experience for ardent fans. The developers promise that it will bring in revolutionary AI which will make players feel that they are actually in the game and will have more options to interact with other computer controlled characters. While the previous version of the game had many downloadable content releases, the same cannot be expected this time around because EA is focusing more on making the game world big by default to offer better exploration.

Wait what? Better AI which will allow my neighbors to react to any action I may do? Like if I have my simmies woohoo out in the front lawn my neighbors will stop what they are doing and stare? Better to save that for the indoors behind closed curtains in that case.
Promised revolutionary AI that will make us feel like we actually in the game? One word…AWESOME!

Check out this quote:

Quote :
The aging factor feature was released in the previous version while the upcoming game The Sims 4 will have it by default. The aging will be more streamlined and proper this time around with specific changes to each individual. The game is expected to have impressive graphics running on next gen engine which will make characters more realistic and it will be helpful in making maps larger than ever before. As a player, you will have the freedom to meet new characters in the neighborhood and travel around the city in your vehicle with complete freedom. These new additions might open up the chance to visit restaurants, movie theaters and even shopping malls that will add further realism to the Sims world.

Could it be? NO MORE RABBIT HOLES? My sims won’t disappear into a building?

This is the most I have ever heard on The Sims 4 than when it was first announced. Thought I’d share my findings with you.

Information was taken from Society&Religion