The Sims 4: Spa Day Game Pack – Review

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Even though due to RL and having to wait an extra week to get this game pack, I can tell you it was well worth the wait and buy. I have had so much fun visiting the spa…erm…I mean I have had so much fun sending my Sims to visit a remodeled athletic club I built to include a room to take a mud bath, the sauna, meditation area, yoga class/room and spa. Let’s begin by taking a look at what came with this game pack:

CAS: 55 items

spa day cas 5 spa day cas 4 spa day cas 3 spa day cas 2 spa day cas 1 spa day cas 6

Build/buy: 122 items

spa day buildbuy 1 spa day buildbuy 2 spa day buildbuy 3 spa day buildbuy 4 spa day buildbuy 5 spa day buildbuy 7 spa day buildbuy 12 spa day buildbuy 11 spa day buildbuy 10 spa day buildbuy 9 spa day buildbuy 8 spa day buildbuy 6 spa day buildbuy 13

After purchasing, downloading and installing when you enter into your game for the first time, you will be greeted with the welcome screen.

welcome entry to spa day

After clicking play you may be prompted to add one of the Maxis made lots into your world. Lets look at those lots:

2 spa’s, 1 yoga studio and 1 gym or health club

maxs spa 1 maxs spa 2 maxs spa 3 maxs spa 4

Once you have sent your Sim to either the yoga studio or health club or even placed down a yoga mat and/or meditation stool on their home lot, your Sim will be well on their way to gaining the Wellness Skill. As they advance through this skill certain additions to each level learned are earned or unlocked. Such as: high levels of skill in Meditation will allow your Sim to teleport to a different place on their lot or to a different lot they have been to. As your Sim rises in skill for Yoga, different poses are opened up.  Place a massage chair in your home and practice giving massages to unlock special extra’s.

And lets not forget the sauna, where you Sims can steam away all their stresses and even get a little frisky by having a little woohoo. But be careful, leave your Sims in there for too long and Grim will come a-calling.

Pamper them even more by having a manicure or pedicure and after they are all done send them off to a mud bath. Nearly all baths in the game have the option for letting your sim have a mud bath, even at home.

I have really enjoyed the short time I have played with with pack and give The Sims 4: Spa Day Game Pack a 5 Plumbob rating. The_Sims_4_PlumbobThe_Sims_4_PlumbobThe_Sims_4_PlumbobThe_Sims_4_PlumbobThe_Sims_4_Plumbob


NO Sims 5

Well lets not jump to the assumption that this title is written in stone, but with The Sims 4 just barely a week off the launch pad,  fellow simmers have asked one of the developers, SimGuruGrant, Grant Rodiek who is a Producer of The Sims 4 if Sims 5 is in the works.  His statement on the Official Sims forum has been deleted but his response was quite straight forward and..well frankly put…rather blunt. He stated that they are currently not working on the 5th sequel, nor is it even been thought of. He further went on to explain that if Sims 4 doesn’t do well…then there won’t be a 5th. So basically what he said is if we (sim players) want Sims 5…we better buy Sims 4.   PC Gamer has more on this subject.

After I read the article, I had to stop and wonder why anybody would want to know if Sims 5 is being worked on. Then I had to wonder if it is because of everything that has been left out of the base game of Sims 4. Toddlers, pools, CASt (create a style), story progression just to name a few, then there is the cold hard fact that babies are now considered objects. Maybe simmers are just hoping that the next sequel will be…I hate to say it, especially with it being just a base game and like I said barely a week off of launch…better?  We don’t know right now how well The Sims 4 is going to fair, it’s just to early. At this point all we can do is sit back and watch and wait.