Tutorials For The Sims 4 ***UPDATED 6/3/2016***

***As new information comes out this page will be updated. ***

How to find Backup mods folder in Sims 4 Studio – Jackpot

With the release of the latest patch ( June 2, 2016) and the removal of Gender Barriers, Sims 4 Studio’s updated Jackpot tool included the ability to Batch Fix CAS CC. They also included a backup folder where their tool automatically backs up your mods file at the same time it is fixing your CC to remove any Gender Barriers that were in place. Below is a step by step guide or tutorial in how to find that file.

First open up your documents folder, this is where I have mine. Find the folder Sims 4 Studio > click on that > click Open.


Next you will see several items listed. Click on Batch Fixes then click Open


Inside this will be the date of your latest Backup. Click on that and then click Open.


Inside this folder are your backup mod’s and a Failed file (this is where any CC that failed will be found)


How to “cut out” (remove background) a Sim using Photoshop CS6 and placing them on a new background

This is the easiest way I know of in removing a sim from one background, whether it is in game shot or CAS.

Open up Ps, then from the File menu > Open the background you wish to put your Sim on. (I’m using just a random screenshot I took in game) then again Open the photo or screenshot of your Sim. Follow the step I have outlined on the photo.

tut in cutting out sims using ph

tut in cutting out sims using ph2

 For anyone interested, you can download Photoshop cs6 for free here

Heart Shaped Pools

There are most likely a ton of these tut’s out there, but I thought I would share mine.

Of course enter into build mode > Pools

Step 1 Select Octagonal shape and place two side by side


Step 2 place the Triangle shape to the outer bottom edge on each Octagon shape

triangle 1

Step 3 Repeat step 2 except this time place the triangle tips to each other

triangle 2

Step 4 Use the Square shape to fill in and you can use the triangle shape but I just pull it out the rest of the way

step 4 heart step 5 heart

Your Heart Shaped Pool

Pool styles 2


Making Recolors of clothing in The Sims 4 Full Game

There are a few tools available that will allow you to make additional colors for your sims clothing. Color Magic by Sims 4 Stuff n Things, Sims4Studios, S4PE by Simlogical and the Dead End Nights. You will also need Gimp or Photoshop or what ever photo editing program you use.  This tutorial I will be using Gimp. You can find one for Photoshop done by Platinum Simmers.

Using Color Magic by Sims 4 Stuff n Things

1) Open Color Magic > make sure in the top box you have it linked to your Sims 4 full game NOT the Demo. ( OS (C): > Program Files > Origin Games > The Sims 4 ) It will automatically pick up your game file. Click Next after you put in your Creator Name

color magic tut 1

2) In the next window you will need to choose Young Adult or Child: Universal, Female or Male: And what you want to recolor from the drop down menu. For this Tut I’m doing a Recolor on YF cardigan rolled sleeve in the grey/black. When you have picked what you wish to recolor there will be a small display of the article. If you wish to make this a replacement make sure to tick the box in front of Default Replacement. For this I’m making it Non-default. Once you are done click Next.

color magic tut 2

3) Now you will see another box. This will have the original item description with your creators name in front you can change this to whatever you want, I’m just going to add the color to what I’m recoloring the top to. (You can also Add a color swatch that will serve as a thumbnail for your new recolor. If doing this, just click Add.) Then Save As and another window will pop up, I put my things into my downloads folder, click save again (Where your package is going) and then click Finish.  You are now done with Color Magic.

color magic tut 3

color magic tut 4

Now you will need to open S4PE. Once open click on File > Open > your .package > Open When your package comes up you will want to right Click the Top Line

s4pe 1

You will then have a drop down menu. Click on Export to DDS and export it to where ever you want. Minimize S4PE as you are not done with this program yet.

s4pe 2

Now Open Gimp. Go to File > Open > select your dds file  you just exported > open, uncheck Load Mipmaps. Your package should now be in Gimp.  Next Go to Colors > Brightness/Contrast and brighten it > Desaturate.  Then go to Layers > New from Visible. You may want to zoom in just a bit to see better as it is small. Double click the Paint Bucket select Overlay

Gimp 1

Then select either a FG (Fore Ground) color, BG ( Back Ground) Color or Pattern. Then select Fill whole selection. Take your paint bucket once you’ve made your selection and click on your article that your are recoloring.

Gimp 2

Once you get the desired color or pattern, you can do any editing light brightening it or if a pattern sharpening it. Once you are satisfied with your creation, Right click on the New Visible Layer and select Merge Visible Layers. Select Merge again when prompted. Then  click on File > Export As > and the same dds file you exported from S4Pe.  In the next box that pops up put in: BC3/DXT5 > Generate mipmaps > Ok. You are now done with Gimp.

Gimp 3

Bring S4PE back up. Right click on that same top line as you did before, except this time select Import from dds. You’ll be asked if your wish to overwrite select Yes.

S4PE 3

Click on File > Save As and select the .package you made with color magic. Place in your mods folder open up your game and find your recolor.

Making a Recolor with an added Custom thumbnail with Gimp

To make a recolor with an added thumbnail you will need to open S4S, Color magic, S4PE and Gimp.

Open S4S check the box for Make Stand Alone, put in your creators name if you haven’t already, and click on Create Recolor

s4s 1

In the next box select your Gender, Age and Article for recolor. For this I’m going to add a print to Young Female (yf) pajama pants.

s4s 2

Next you will need to give your creation a name. You can call it whatever you like, for this I’m calling mine mj_yfpjpant_berries (I had changed it to berries as I didn’t have the hearts pattern installed) click Save and then click Next.

s4s 3

In the next box do not select to Add a swatch, just select Export.

s4s 4

then click Save in S4S. Exit out of program.

Now open Color Magic. Do everything you would do as mentioned before, select Add for color swatch, name your project and click Save As.

color magic 1

In the pop up box that appears select the package you made with S4S. Click Save and then click Finish in Color Magic.

color magic 2

Now Open S4PE. Go to File > Open and select the package file you made. In the first line right click and select Export to dds. Minimize S4PE. You will need this again.

Open Gimp. Go to File > Open and select the dds file made with S4PE. Uncheck Load Mipmaps! Once you have opened it up, go to Colors and use Brightness/Contrast to brighten up the item, then Desaturate.  Then go to Layers and select New From Visible. Once you have done this zoom in just a tad then go to your Paint Bucket and select either your color (solid) or a pattern. Make sure to have Overlay selected in the Mode box and Fill with select chosen.  Take your Paint Bucket and click on your item till you get the desired outcome. If you think you have made it too bright just go to the Edit tab and click Undo Paint Bucket until you get the desired brightness. Now once you have done this you can edit it more by using other tools in Gimp like sharpness or whatever you wish.

gimp t1

Now that you have got your printed or solid color done right click on the layer you are working on (top one – New Visible Layer) and select Merge visible layers. In the box that pops up select Merge. Now go to File > Export As and select the same dds file. When prompted to okay the overwrite select Yes. And Save.  You are done with Gimp for now, just minimize.

Go back to S4PE. Right click on that top line and this time select Import from dds file. When prompted to accept change select Yes.

s4pe t 1

Now to change the thumbnail, select IMG. Right click and go to Export > to file. DO NOT CHANGE THIS CODE! I save these to desktop.  Minimize S4PE, you are not done yet.

Open Gimp, go to File > Open and select that long code you just exported from S4PE. Make sure to have Load Mipmaps checked! Now you should have something that resemble a little greenish box. Zoom in to make this larger. To the right make sure all the mipmaps have an Eye showing. If not click on each one to show the Eye. (there should be 5)

gimp t2

Now go to your Paint Bucket and in the Mode box select Normal. Then make sure you still have Fill with Selected. Take your Paint Bucket and click on the box. Go to the next mipmap by selecting it and fill in that same color inside the box do this all the way till they are all filled.

gimp t4

Once you have done this, select the top mipmap, right click on it and select Merge Visible Layers. Select Merge again, this will make one image. Go to File and Export as. Choose that same code and when prompted to accept the overwrite select Yes. Make sure in the next pop up box you have BC3/DXT5 and Generate Mipmaps in the boxes.  And Save.  You can now close Gimp if you like.

Gimp 3

Your almost done! Bring up S4PE. Right click on IMG and select Import from file. Select the overwritten code and when prompted to accept select yes. In the next box click Ok Do not add or remove anything! Your thumbnail has now been changed.

gimp t5

s4pe t2

One last step! Go to File > Save as and select your .package. (not the dds file). You are done! The next step is to put your creations into your game. Simply open up your Electronics Art folder in Documents > Sims 4 > Mods. Copy and paste your .package and close the folder. Open up your game and go into CAS select the Gender you were working on and find your items of recolor.

Here is the top I recolored and the pj pants

new recolored top and bottoms

Thumb nail for the pants (yes I know it’s still pink)

recolored bottoms thumbnail



Sharing your creations outside of the gallery

A bit more tedious than in The Sims 3, as there is no more export folder, but still not impossible to do. First when you do your creation, make sure to write down the date of that creation and make note of the time created! As this will be very useful when it comes time to finding the correct creation if you have done multiples. Now that you have wrote down a brief description, date and time, it’s now time to find it to share outside of the gallery.

Step 1: Navigate to Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 and open. Once inside The Sims 4 folder, find the folder called “Tray file”, highlight and click to open.

step 1 step 1 -2 step 1 - 3

Step 2: Inside the Tray file navigate to right side of the box and click on Arrange by: and select Date modified. Now everything will have numbers, date and time of the creation plus SGI Image, HH File, HOUSEHOLDBINARY file, TRAYITEM file and BPI file. To find the creation you want to share, look for the DATE and TIME of the creation.

step 2

Highlight everything with that date and time. Right click then select Copy. Once you have done this, paste to your desktop. (I find it easier to paste here)

step 3

Step 3:Now that you have your it pasted to your desktop, highlight them again, right click and compress (zip) file.

step 4

Final step: Now upload to the media sharing site you wish to use.  You have now been able to share your creations outside of the gallery and The Sims 4.


When selecting your Sim make sure to highlight the following: SGI Image, HH file, HOUSEHOLDBINARY file and TRAYITEM file

When selecting a lot (public or home) make sure to highlight the following: BPI file, TRAYITEM file and BLUEPRINT file

There may be more than one SGI Image, BPI or HH file per creation. All have to be highlighted for that Sim or lot.

Downloading from a off site (Fan site)

Now that you have downloaded from a Fan Site, here is an easy way to get that creation into your game. UNLESS SPECIFIED AS A .PACKAGE, do not just automatically assume it goes into the MODS folder.

Step 1: Right click on the download and select > Extract files…

unzipping file

Step 2: In the box that pops up click on the “…” this will open up a browser for you to navigate to the following: Documents > Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Tray  click open. Once you have selected the  Tray click on OK. ( Leave everything else as is!!) Once you click OK, the files in the compressed file will automatically be deposited into the Tray file.

extract to this file

Step 3: Open up your game, open up the gallery, open up your “My Library” and your download will be there waiting for you. It may or may not have a picture of the creation. If it doesn’t, you will get a lovely Llama. 🙂

finding non gallery downloads in library

Click on that and you will see the creation you have downloaded. Now you can place it in your neighborhood or if a sim add to house or neighborhood by clicking on the download button in the lower right corner.

the download and options


Screen shots, Option menu

When taking screen shots in The Sims 4, you will get a green pop up message stating that you will be able to find it in your camera options. You will be able to access this by navigating to the upper right corner of the screen. Look for the camera icon (1) and click on it to bring a drop down display of options. Your screen shots can be found in the picture icon (2). Click on this to open up your screen shots.

finding screenshots in game

You can click on any photo to get a host of options.  Delete (if you decide you didn’t like it or had a duplicate), scroll, mark as memory, delete who is in the photo (if marking as memory) and a check mark for when you are done. (if deleting you will not need to click on the check mark.)

choices for screenshots

Also in the upper right hand corner you will also be able to: Access the gallery, Go into Build mode, Game notifications and menu. When clicking on the menu button, a pop up box will appear. Here you can save, save as, game options, exit and save, exit to main menu and save or quit the game. When choosing Game Options, you can change the camera in the game to one that is a bit like in The Sims 3, and aging. In aging you can have everyone you play age, or not or have just current active household. You can also choose if you want NPC’s to age. And the lifespan you wish your sims to have.

aging options


Getting around The Sims 4 CAS demo

After launching the demo, your screen will look like the one below. Up in the right hand corner of the screen will be 3 icons. One for the Gallery, Notifications and to Exit the game.

gallery at launch

When accessing the Gallery, there are 2 ways. From the home screen (above) and from within CAS (shown later)

From the home screen click on the Gallery icon. Next you will see the Home screen for the Gallery. You can see how many other players are online, how many shares and how many items are in your library. You can also see any of your friends on Origin and what they shared plus trending Hashtags for Twitter.  There are also 3 tabs on top. Home, Community and My Library. My Library is where you will find all of your Sims that you have created and shared and also (not confirmed yet) Sims/homes you have downloaded into your game from the Gallery. To the left of the screen you will also see a column where you can see All, Maxis and Following. Following are creations shared by other simmers that you follow or are following you. You can also choose your search options and you can also search for a certain Sim/lot name that another Simmer had shared.

gallery 1

community tab


Getting to CAS.

In the first photo in this topic (see above) you will see a “play” button. Click on this to enter into CAS.  Inside CAS you will see 4 icons in the top right corner. Save Household, Gallery, Notification and Options. In the bottom right corner is Start over and Save Household. To your left in the bottom corner is your Sim 1 and Add a Sim. Inside Add a Sim you can either add another Sim to create or use the Genealogy (DNA) to create a twin or child, teen or parent. In the upper left corner is where you will name your Sim, edit any relations, if you are creating more than one,  choose their Aspiration, 3 traits and give them a walk style.


Inside CAS you can access your library and bring a Sim in that you may have been working on but wasn’t finished, simply by accessing your library through the Gallery. Click on the Sim/home you wish to edit, click on the “wrench” icon  and you will be prompted if you wish to Replace, Merge or Cancel. If you are just wanting to edit that sim/home choose Replace and your Sim/home for editing will be put back in CAS/build.

my library tab

bringing library into cas 1

And there you pretty much have it in getting around in The Sims 4 CAS demo. Hope this has helped!




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